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Lindenhof Park– Lindenhof is the perfect place to relax. This extensive green space on the lakeshore at Bad Schachen was laid out in the mid-19th century.locals and visitors have been able to enjoy the park in all its moods in every season. In summer the huge old trees provide welcome shade…

The Reutiner Bucht is a nature reserve (NSG number 700.60), which is designated under the ordinance of 29 January 2005 by the Regierungspräsidium Schwaben, in the area of ​​the Bavarian town of Lindau at Lake Constance in Germany ( TK 50, Blatt 8524).


The Bavarian Riviera in Lindau with its numerous villas along the shores of Lake Constance is one of the region’s loveliest areas and one of the most beautiful parts of the river in Lindau.

The Lake Constance region, where Germany borders Austria and Switzerland, is a holiday paradise set around Central Europe’s third largest inland lake.

The canyon forest in the Austrian municipality of Möggers is divided by a path which carries the following warning, which you can also read online: “This path will chew your shoes up!” …